Welcome to the IRREGULARS RPG website!

IRREGULARS is a sci-fi roleplay game, set in a violent galaxy, where civilisation has been sundered by centuries of war. The players take on the roles of characters with military training but who no longer serve in the army of a government that has fallen from grace. Instead they operate as Irregular Operatives, performing dangerous missions for governments, corporation, warlords, or anyone who can afford to hire them.

The IRREGULARS core rules – which fills two books – are fully written, and available to be downloaded for free as pdf files. These files provide a beta playtest version of the core rules, which are not yet fully illustrated or in their final layout or page design. 

The RULES book can be downloaded here

The HARDWARE book can be downloaded here

Work is ongoing in the development of the IRREGULARS RPG, and I am hoping to receive feedback from people who have downloaded, read, and playtested the game. All feedback, ideas and advice will be taken on board and seriously considered. I am a strong believer in the community of PRG players and know the online world can be an invaluable source of ideas and inspiration, so I want to involve as many people as possible in building and developing IRREGULARS to make it the best game it can be.

The ultimate goal in developing IRREGULARS is to reach a stage where the game has enough awareness and backing to be launched as a Kickstarter campaign, to fund publishing as a printed game.

While work is ongoing to illustrate the books and create the final page layout, i will be sharing information, samples, news and illustrations about the game through various forms of social media. 

Search for “Irregularsrpg” on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter, to get regular updates, information and samples.